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Estimated Release Date: 5/29/2015
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Alchemist Discoveries [3]

Material Mastery (Ex), Spell Knowledge, Syringe Stirge (Su)

Archetypes [7]

Bonded Wizard (Wizard), Construct Rider (Alchemist), Divine Guardian (Paladin), Dread Investigator (Investigator), Esquire (Cavalier), Instructor (Wizard), Proselytizer (Warpriest)

Eidolon Base Forms [2]

Avian, Tauric

Eidolon Evolutions [1]

Rider Bond (Ex)

Equipment (Misc.) [2]

Mending kit, Rust repellent

Feats [14]

Basic Harmony, Blazing Channel, Channel Surge, Charming Performance, Charnel Soldiers, Compelling Harmonies, Counterpoint to Inspiration, Grow Plant Creature, Monstrous Companion, Recruits, Rouse Emotions, Secret Language, Solar Spell, Train Plants

Magic Items (Rings) [3]

Contract Rings, Elemental Ring, Rings of Friend-Finding

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [1]

Cage of Captivity

Mythic Path Abilities [2]

Binding Ritual (Universal), Interplanar Prestige (Universal)

Rogue Talents [6]

Acrobatic Assist (Ex), Demand Attention (Ex), Got Your Back (Ex), Heads Up (Ex), Set-Up (Ex), Shove Aside (Ex)

Shaman Spirits [1]


Spells [3]

Daywalker, Plant Voice, Spore Burst

Traits [7]

Betrayal of Trust, Blood Resonance, Family Resemblance, Family Trade, Honor-Bound, Rivalry, Tight Bonds