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Chronicle of the Righteous

Estimated Release Date: 5/17/2013
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Deific Boons [36]

Andoletta (Mystery Cultist), Arqueros (Mystery Cultist), Arshea (Mystery Cultist), Ashava (Mystery Cultist), Bharnarol (Mystery Cultist), Black Butterfly (Mystery Cultist), Chadali (Mystery Cultist), Chucaro (Mystery Cultist), Damerrich (Mystery Cultist), Eritrice (Mystery Cultist), Falayna (Mystery Cultist), Ghenshau (Mystery Cultist), Halcamora (Mystery Cultist), Immonhiel (Mystery Cultist), Irez (Mystery Cultist), Jaidz (Mystery Cultist), Jalaijatali (Mystery Cultist), Korada (Mystery Cultist), Lalaci (Mystery Cultist), Lymnieris (Mystery Cultist), Olheon (Mystery Cultist), Picoperi (Mystery Cultist), Pulura (Mystery Cultist), Ragathiel (Mystery Cultist), Rowdrosh (Mystery Cultist), Seramaydiel (Mystery Cultist), Shei (Mystery Cultist), Sinashakti (Mystery Cultist), Soralyon (Mystery Cultist), Tanagaar (Mystery Cultist), Tolc (Mystery Cultist), Valani (Mystery Cultist), Vildeis (Mystery Cultist), Winlas (Mystery Cultist), Ylimancha (Mystery Cultist), Zohls (Mystery Cultist)

Deities [54]

Andoletta, Arqueros, Arshea, Ashava, Benorus, Bharnarol, Black Butterfly, Cernunnos, Chadali, Chucaro, Dalenydra, Damerrich, Eldas, Eritrice, Falayna, Ghenshau, Halcamora, Hembad, Immonhiel, Irez, Jaidz, Jalaijatali, Kelinahat, Keltheald, Korada, Kroina, Lalaci, Lorris, Lymnieris, Lythertida, Marishi, Neshen, Olheon, Ondisso, Picoperi, Pulura, Ragathiel, Reymenda, Rowdrosh, Seramaydiel, Shei, Sinashakti, Smiad, Soralyon, Svarozic, Tanagaar, Thisamet, Tolc, Uskyeria, Valani, Vildeis, Winlas, Ylimancha, Zohls

Feats [1]

Celestial Obedience

Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Empyreal Armor

Magic Items (Artifacts) [1]

Chronicle of the Righteous

Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Splendorous Ring

Magic Items (Staves) [1]

Staff of Wings

Magic Items (Weapons) [2]

Starknife of the Void, Sword of Vengeance

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [1]

Angel's Clarion

Monsters [5]

Balisse, Cervinal, Choral, Spyglass Archon, Veranallia

Prestige Classes [1]

Mystery Cultist

Spells [6]

Blood of the Martyr, Charitable Impulse, Elemental Assessor, Sanctify Weapons, Summon Stampede, Vinetrap