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Chronicle of Legends

Estimated Release Date: 5/29/2019
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Alternate Capstones [52]

Adoring Fan (Su), Against the Odds (Ex), Arch-Familiar (Su) (present in multiple classes), Collector of the Strange (Su), Crusader Champion (Su), Deadly Study (Ex), Deep Magics (Su) (present in multiple classes), Deep Reservoir (Su), Diverse Mysteries (Su), Empowered Bloodrage (Su), Flexible Form (Su), Grand Eidolon (Su) (present in multiple classes), Great Beast (Su) (present in multiple classes), Great Kenning (Su), Hammer of God (Su), Hardened Soul (Su), Hex Mastery (Su), Home Ground (Su), Huntmaster (Ex), Incredible Luck (Ex), Indomitable Spirit (Ex), Ki Sage (Su) (present in multiple classes), Legendary Blade (Su), Masterful Talent (Ex) (present in multiple classes), Old Dog, New Tricks (Ex) (present in multiple classes), Old Master (Ex) (present in multiple classes), Past Your Limits (Ex), Perfect Body, Flawless Mind (Ex) (present in multiple classes), Perfect Warrior (Ex), Personal Armory (Ex), Phrenic Mastery (Su), Piercing Gaze (Su), Potent Phantom (Su), Proxy (Su), Seen It Before (Ex), Slicing Wind (Su), Soul Channel (Su) (present in multiple classes), Tactical Genius (Ex), Team Leader (Ex), The Boss (Ex) (present in multiple classes), The Right Spot (Ex) (present in multiple classes), Tip of the Spear (Su), Unbridled Power (Su), Unique Bloodline (Su), Unstoppable (Ex) (present in multiple classes), Vast Explosions, Vereran of Endless War (Ex), Walking Library (Ex) (present in multiple classes), Well-Prepared (Su), Witch's Dance, With This Sword (Ex) (present in multiple classes), Won’t Stay Dead (Ex) (present in multiple classes)

Cavalier Banners [4]

Fleet Standard (Ex), Jinx Standard (Ex), Knave Standard (Ex), Stalwart Standard (Ex)

Feats [17]

Arcing Weapon, Battle Plannar, Collector's Boon, Expanded Enhance Arrows, Explosive Weapon, Extra Hail of Arrows, Extra Spell Synthesis, Improved Collector’s Boon, Lesser Spell Synthesis, Lingering Breath, Magic Trick, Mind Strike, Murderous Sniper, Secret of Magical Discipline, Shadow's Embrace, Storm of Arrows, Surprising Strategy

Gunslinger Deeds [2]

Thundering Shot (Ex), Vengeful Heart (Ex)

Magic Items (Legacy/Scaling) [9]

Bracers of Antiquity, Carved King's Band, Conqueror's Breastplate, Ring of Sealed Souls, Scimitar of Deliverance, Totemic Figurine, Trailblazer's Boots, Unyielding Aegis, Wayfinder of Cooperation

Magic Items (Sets) [8]

Archmage's Vestments, Aroden's Array, Beastmaster's Will, Besmara's Bounty, Dread Demonic Armor, Irori's Meditation, Pharasma's Command, Urgathoa's Gluttony

Ninja Tricks [6]

Acceleration of Form (Su), All the Stars in the Sky (Ex), False Face (Su), Fractured Mirror (Su), Kami Warden (Su), Spiritual Companion (Ex)

Occult Rituals [1]

Egoist's Militia

Prestige Classes [2]

Esoteric Knight, Ritualist

Slayer Talents [5]

Armored Marauder, Armored Swiftness, Marksman’s Shot, Reaping Stalker, Swallow Reversal

Spells [4]

Realm Retribution, Rival's Weald, Song of Discord, Greater, Uncanny Reminder

Traits [5]

Artist of Battle in All Forms, Charming Smile, Cunning Soul, Curator of Mystic Secrets, Faith Unshakable and Unassailable, Traveler of a Hundred Lands

Vigilante Talents [7]

Always Prepared, Leap and Bound, Malleable Flesh, Morphic Mask, Morphic Weaponry, Steel Soldier, Volatile Arrows