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Blood of the Night

Estimated Release Date: 12/6/2012
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Feats [12]

Aversion Tolerance, Conviction, Famine Tolerance, Hymn Singer, Improved Bestial Transformation, Improved Gaseous Form, Improved Swarm Form, Life-Dominant Soul, Potent Holy Symbol, Schooled Resolve, Vampiric Companion, Variant Prayer Scroll

Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Bloodletting Thimble

Magic Items (Weapons) [2]

Force Net, Stake of the Righteous

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [3]

Deadly Draught, Dread Heart of Life, Necklace of Fangs

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [4]

Dhampir - Jiang-Shi Born (Ru-Shi), Dhampir - Moroi-Born (Svetocher), Dhampir - Nosferatu-Born (Ancient-Born), Dhampir - Vetala-Born (Ajibachana)

Spells [6]

Display Aversion, Domination Link, Project Weakness, Steal Years, Steal Years, Greater, Transmute Wine to Blood

Traits [18]

Born in the Light, Calculated Risk, Final Embrace, Half-Forgotten Secrets, In Tune with Language, Linguistic Genius, Mind Trapper, Numerological Gift, Old Before Your Time, Proud Progenitor, Rapid Drain, Self-Aware, Sensual Graces, Stubborn, Telekinetic Dependence, Thrall Spotter, Unidentifiable Appeal, Weatherworn