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Blood of the Elements

Estimated Release Date: 6/25/2014
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Barbarian Rage Powers [9]

Air Totem (Su), Air Totem, Greater (Su), Earth Totem (Ex), Earth Totem, Greater (Su), Elemental Totem, Lesser (Su), Fire Totem (Su), Fire Totem, Greater (Su), Water Totem (Ex), Water Totem, Greater (Su)

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Flame

Equipment (Misc.) [7]

Dead air vial, Elemental brine, Emissary's sash, Fireskin elixir, Planar alchemical catalyst, Stagnant fog sack, Thunder kettle

Feats [1]

Elemental Commixture

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [6]

Lamp of Fiery Visions, Phlogiston Vial, Sandstorm Dust, Snowfall Orb, Windsong Lute, Wintertide Candle

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [1]

Oread - Oread Gem Magic

Spells [2]

Enshroud Thoughts, Storm Step

Traits [25]

Abendego Pilot, Agent of the Sultana, Airship Captain, Alabaster Odalisque, Aquatic Survivalist, Armun Kelisk Scholar, Betrayed Ex-Noble, Channel the Earth, Dualborn, Earthsense, Expert Distractor, Fiery Dominance, Instant Friendship, Marid's Fury, Merabian Mentorship, Nightstalls Escapee, Outsea Native, Solidarity, Statuesque, Thoughtful Wish-Maker, Thunderborn, Unflappable Arrogance, Vialesk Historian, Whiteout, Wind-Carried Voices

Wild Bloodlines [2]

Lifewater, Shahzada