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Blood of the Coven

Estimated Release Date: 10/14/2017
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Archetypes [10]

Arakineticist (Kineticist), Covenbane (Slayer), Hagbound (Witch), Hag-Haunted (Spiritualist), Hag-Riven (Bloodrager), Hexbreaker (Magus), Malice Binder (Investigator), Putrefactor (Witch), Triadic Priest (Cleric), Vellemancer (Witch)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [1]


Coven Spells [10]

Annis Hag, Ash Hag, Blood Hag, Dreamthief Hag, Green Hag, Mute Hag, Night Hag, Sea Hag, Storm Hag, Winter Hag

Drawbacks [1]

Arcane Malignancies

Feats [9]

Awakened Hag Heritage, Coven-Touched, Cursed Conduit, Enhanced Coven, Familiar Link, Latent Curse, Metamagical Synergy, Scapegoat, Sin-Sharing Critical

Magic Items (Weapons) [2]

Battlepot Cauldron, Pactseeker's Blade

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [7]

Bloodstone Collar, Cauldron of Fireworks, Collar of Sacrifice, Coven Charm, Foxfire Lantern, Lock of Formbinding, Witching Doll

Occult Rituals [4]

Five-Generation Curse, Grand Coven, Hag's Eye Brew, Invoke the Nemesis

Psychic Discplines [1]


Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [10]

Changeling - Annis-Born (Slag May), Changeling - Ash-Born (Hearth May), Changeling - Blood-Born (Veil May), Changeling - Dreamthief-Born (Waker May), Changeling - Green-Born (Callow May), Changeling - Mute-Born (Sorrow May), Changeling - Night-Born (Moon May), Changeling - Sea-Born (Brine May), Changeling - Storm-Born (Virga May), Changeling - Winter-Born (Snow May)

Spells [5]

Calamitous Flailing, Curse of Dragonflies, Fair is Foul, Hag's Seasoning, Knell of the Depths

Traits [10]

Blessed of the Norns, Coven Casting, Cruel Child, Malevolent Temptations, Preternatural Awareness, Rebuke the Curse, Shadow Dealer, Swamp Skulker, Switched at Birth, Witch-Tongued

Witch Patrons [3]

Jynx, Mercy, Rot

Witch Patrons - Unique [9]

Celestial Agenda, Empath, Fey Gifts, Green Whispers, Hag's Calling, Infernal Contract, Shadowbound, The Condition of All, Touched by the Outer Gods