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Blood of Shadows

Estimated Release Date: 2/24/2016
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Alchemist Discoveries [8]

Bounding Gloom, Debilitating Gloom*, Draining Gloom*, Glutinous Gloom*, Grasping Gloom*, Greater Draining Gloom*, Mucilaginous Gloom*, Rime-Bound Gloom*

Archetypes [4]

Dusk Knight (Paladin), Gloom Chymist (Alchemist), Shadow Walker (Rogue), Umbral Scion (Sorcerer)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [1]


Eidolon (Unchained) Subtypes [1]


Feats [18]

Blinded Blade Style, Blinded Competence, Blinded Master, Cloak and Dagger Style, Cloak and Dagger Subterfuge, Cloak and Dagger Tactics, Crepuscular Cowl, Drow Spirit, Eclipsed Spell, Extra Light and Dark, Extra Ninja Trick, Extra Shadow Jump, Flexible Shadow Jump, Improved Shadowy Resistance, Shadow Magic Defense, Snuffing Spell, Surface Scout, Wayang Soothsayer

Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Brilliant Bulwark

Magic Items (Rods) [7]

Rod of Metamagic, Eclipsed (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Snuffing (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Snuffing (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Eclipsed (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Eclipsed (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Snuffing (normal), Rod of Delumination

Magic Items (Tattoos) [3]

Mesmerizing Tattoo, Penumbra Tattoo, Swirling Smoke Tattoo

Magic Items (Weapons) [8]

Beaming, Enervative Shadowcraft Weapon, Feast of Rats, Focused Shadowcraft Weapon, Lashing Shadowcraft Weapon, Shadowcraft Weapon, Shadowshooting, Torment of the Midnight Lord

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [10]

Eye-Stealing Locket, Faithful Lantern, Luminous Lockpicks, Palelight Torch, Radiant Panel, Shadowbond Tunic, Shawl of Shadowy Disguise, Soles of the Silent Stride, Tome of Dissolution, Voidlight Lantern

Oracle Mysteries [1]


Psychic Discplines [1]


Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [38]

Drow - Bard, Drow - Bloodrager, Drow - Druid, Drow - Inquisitor, Drow - Paladin, Drow - Psychic, Drow - Ranger, Drow - Summoner, Drow - Warpriest, Fetchling - Alchemist, Fetchling - Arcanist, Fetchling - Barbarian, Fetchling - Bard, Fetchling - Cleric, Fetchling - Druid, Fetchling - Fighter, Fetchling - Gunslinger, Fetchling - Hunter, Fetchling - Inquisitor, Fetchling - Magus, Fetchling - Monk, Fetchling - Paladin, Fetchling - Slayer, Wayang - Barbarian, Wayang - Cleric, Wayang - Druid, Wayang - Fighter, Wayang - Kineticist, Wayang - Medium, Wayang - Monk, Wayang - Paladin, Wayang - Ranger, Wayang - Rogue, Wayang - Shaman, Wayang - Slayer, Wayang - Spiritualist, Wayang - Witch, Wayang - Wizard

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [71]

Dwarf - Behind the Veil, Elf - Behind the Veil, Gnome - Behind the Veil, Half-Elf - Behind the Veil, Half-Orc - Behind the Veil, Halfling - Behind the Veil, Elf - Blended View, Gnome - Blended View, Half-Elf - Blended View, Fetchling - Bound to Golarion, Fetchling - Boundary Walker, Drow - Darklands Guide, Half-Elf - Darklands Guide, Tiefling - Darklands Guide, Drow - Daylight Adaptation, Fetchling - Deep Shadow Explorer, Dwarf - Dimdweller, Elf - Dimdweller, Gnome - Dimdweller, Halfling - Dimdweller, Half-Orc - Dimdweller, Half-Elf - Dimdweller, Human - Dimdweller, Half-Elf - Drow Heritage, Dwarf - Dusksight, Elf - Dusksight, Gnome - Dusksight, Half-Elf - Dusksight, Halfling - Dusksight, Half-Orc - Dusksight, Half-Elf - Flexible Half-Breed, Half-Elf - Hidden Half-Breed, Half-Elf - Lesser Spell-Like Abilities, Fetchling - Nidalese Recluse, Dwarf - Poison Minion, Elf - Poison Minion, Gnome - Poison Minion, Half-Elf - Poison Minion, Half-Orc - Poison Minion, Human - Poison Minion, Drow - Poison Minion, Wayang - Poison Minion, Half-Elf - Psychic Sensitivity, Drow - Psychic Sensitivity, Wayang - Scion of Shadows, Drow - Shade Magic, Wayang - Shadow Inheritor (Su), Drow - Shadow Sorcery, Wayang - Shadow Speaker (Su), Dwarf - Shadowhunter, Elf - Shadowhunter, Gnome - Shadowhunter, Half-Orc - Shadowhunter, Halfling - Shadowhunter, Half-Elf - Shadowhunter, Human - Shadowhunter, Dwarf - Shadowplay, Elf - Shadowplay, Gnome - Shadowplay, Halfling - Shadowplay, Half-Orc - Shadowplay, Half-Elf - Spell Resistance, Drow - Sure Step, Half-Elf - Sure Step, Fetchling - Umbral Escort, Dwarf - Voice in the Darkness, Drow - Voice in the Darkness, Elf - Voice in the Darkness, Half-Elf - Voice in the Darkness, Half-Orc - Voice in the Darkness, Fetchling - Whispers from Shadow

Rogue Talents [20]

Aligned Disguise (Sp), Blinding Strike, Cloying Shades (Su), Dance of Disorienting Shadows (Ex), Emboldening Strike (Ex), Extinguishing Strike (Ex), Feint from Shadows (Ex), Focusing Attack (Ex), Gloom Magic (Sp), Greater Gloom Magic (Sp), Improved Shadow’s Chill (Su), Mien of Despair (Su), Obscuring Blow (Ex), Poison Use (Ex), Reflexive Shadow Shield (Su), See in Darkness (Su), Shadow Duplicate (Sp), Shadow’s Chill (Su), Umbral Gear (Su), Underhanded Trick

Spells [23]

Baleful Shadow Transmutation, Dancing Darkness, Darkvault, Fear the Sun, First World Revisions, Ignoble Form, Masochistic Shadow, Motes of Dusk and Dawn, Mydriatic Spontaneity, Mydriatic Spontaneity, Mass, Penumbral Disguise, Shadow Transmutation, Shadow Transmutation, Greater, Shadow Trap, Shadowform, Shadowmind, Shield of Darkness, Spotlight, Touch of Blindness, Umbral Infusion, Umbral Infusion, Mass, Umbral Strike, Wall of Split Illumination

Subdomains [2]

Shadow (Darkness), Shadow (Death)

Warpriest Blessings [1]