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Arcane Anthology

Estimated Release Date: 1/16/2016
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Annointings [4]

Eldritch Enhancement, Essence Booster, Mercurial Oil, Orichalcum Dust

Arcanist Exploits [3]

Arcane Discovery, Philanthropic Magic, Primal Magic

Archetypes [11]

Arrowsong Minstrel (Bard), Augur (Skald), Child of Acavna and Amaznen (Fighter), Deep Marshal (Magus), Eldritch Scoundrel (Rogue), Enlightened Bloodrager (Bloodrager), Magaambyan Initiate (Arcanist), Puppetmaster (Magus), Rhetorician (Witch), Stone Warder (Sorcerer), Sword Binder (Wizard)

Bard Masterpieces [1]

Arrowsong's Lament (Oratory)

Feats [10]

Avid Spellbook Reader, Extra Spontaneous Spell Mastery, Mask Focus, Masked by Fear, Masked Intent, Nameless One, Painful Blow, Ritual Mask, Ritualistic Preparation, Spell Denial

Spellbooks [17]

Arrowsong's Sorrow, Calamaes Fragment, Cold Irony, Cyrusian Codex, Erages Journeyman's Manual, Galtan Cookbook, Nyzam's Remedies, Runes of Wealth, Sarini's Workbook, Songs of the Linnorm Kings, The Guide's Analects, The Last Azlanti's Analects, The Swordsman's Analects, Tome of Stone Wards, Wisdom of Jatembe (Nine Warriors Edition), Wisdom of Jatembe (Six Warriors Edition), Wisdom of Jatembe (Three Warriors Edition)

Spells [41]

Aroden's Magic Army, Aroden's Spellsword, Artificer's Curse, Banishing Blade, Celestial Healing, Celestial Healing, Greater, Create Armaments, Cyclic Reincarnation, Deft Digits, Dissolution, Emblem of Greed, Expeditious Construction, Find Fault, Fool's Gold (AA), Force Sword, Foretell Failure, Full Pouch, Grand Destiny, Guardian Monument, Greater, Guardian Monument, Lesser, Heckle, Human Potential, Human Potential, Mass, Jatembe's Ire, Last Azlanti's Defending Sword, Last Azlanti's Defending Sword, Mass, Legendary Proportions, Linked Legacy, Liquefy, Mask from Divination, Open Arms, Perfect Placement, Planar Inquiry, Rags to Riches, Rune of Ruin, Splinter Spell Resistance, Stage Fright, Tears to Wine, Tough Crowd, Transmute Golem, Winged Sword

Traits [7]

Arodenite Historian, Arodenite Sword Training, Founders' Heritage, Reassuring Advice, Scholar of the Analects, Siege Defender, Stabbing Spells