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Antihero's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 9/14/2017
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Afflictions - Poisons [6]

Concentrated laxative, Frightshade, Leopard's bane, Liquid leprosy, Lungsap powder, Sloth's bite

Alchemist Discoveries [3]

Bone-Spike Mutagen (Su), Jury-Rigged Bomb* (Su), Sand Bomb* (Su)

Archetypes [9]

Blatherskite (Gunslinger), Channeler of the Unknown (Cleric), Colluding Scoundrel (Hunter), Discretion Specialist (Rogue), Planar Extremist (Druid), Ruthless Agent (Investigator), Sin Monk (Monk), Splintersoul (Vigilante), Vindictive Bastard (Paladin)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [1]


Corruptions [1]


Corruption Manifestations [9]

Clandestine Dealings (Amoral), Evidence Eraser (Amoral), Evidence Forger (Amoral), Forbidden Magic (Amoral), Greater Clandestine Dealings (Amoral), Overwhelming Hate (Amoral), Self-Righteous Fury (Amoral), Sociopathic Liar (Amoral), Sudden Betrayal (Amoral)

Drawbacks [10]

Bitter, Cowardly, Entomophobe, Haunted, Helpless, Impatient, Insatiable, Scarred, Self-Doubting, Stigmatized

Equipment (Misc.) [5]

Dung grenade, Hellfire sparkler, Iniquitous panacea, Ink of stolen secrets, Portable hive

Feats [12]

Bloody Mess, Casting Conduit, Deceitful Incompetence, Designated Antagonist, Fall Guy, Opportunistic Grappler, Piercing Gambit, Sacrificial Aid, Sheltering Stubborness, Spell Bluff (AH), Take This, Vindictive Fall

Magic Items (Cursed Items) [4]

Bloodbite, Chatter Ring, Kleptomaniac's Gloves, Overcharged Staff

Magic Items (Weapons) [2]

Arrow Slicer, Guns of the Twin Drakes

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [4]

Crook's Cube, Desna's Coin, Lenses of the Bully, Vial of Reckless Courage

Phantom Emotional Foci [1]


Traits [11]

Callous, Contemptuous, Criminally Connected, Cynical, Dirty Trickster, Fugitive, Irreverent, Obnoxious, Solitary, Spirit of the Law, Vengeful (Social)

Vigilante Talents [9]

Beginner's Luck, Combat Expertise, Conflicted Identity, Hidden Magic, Notorious Fool, Poisoner, Signature Arrows, Sweeping Strike, Vigilante's Reflexes