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Estimated Release Date: 2/13/2013
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Animal Companions [4]

Llama, Moose, Panda, Walrus

Archetypes [10]

Bodyguard (Companion), Carnivalist (Rogue), Charger (Companion), Huntmaster (Cavalier), Infiltrator (Familiar), Mad Dog (Barbarian), Pilferer (Familiar), Racer (Companion), Totem Guide (Companion), Valet (Familiar)

Barbarian Rage Powers [2]

Ferocious Beast (Ex), Ferocious Beast, Greater (Ex)

Equipment (Misc.) [137]

Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Antelope, Aquatic pinger, Archelon, Arsinoitherium, Aurochs (combat-trained), Aurochs (common), Baboon, Baluchitherium, Barding stitches, Basilosaurus, Beast-training kit, Behemoth hippopotamus, Bird feed (per day), Bird-training kit, Bison (combat-trained), Bison (common), Blue whale, Boar (combat-trained), Boar (common), Brachiosaurus, Carnivore feed (per day), Cheetah, Compsognathus, Constrictor snake, Crimson whale, Crocodile, Dandy brush, Deinonychus, Deodorizing agent (vial), Dimetrodon, Dire ape, Dire badger, Dire bat (common), Dire bear, Dire boar, Dire crocodile, Dire hyena, Dire lion, Dire shark, Dire tiger, Dire wolf, Dire wolverine, Dodo, Dolphin, Dwarf caiman, Eagle, Elasmosaurus, Electric eel, Elk (combat-trained), Elk (common), Emperor cobra, Fury drops, Gar, Giant anaconda, Giant chameleon (combat-trained), Giant chameleon (common), Giant frilled lizard (combat-trained), Giant frilled lizard (common), Giant frog, Giant gar, Giant gecko (combat-trained), Giant gecko (common), Giant moray eel, Giant octopus, Giant owl (combat-trained), Giant owl (common), GIant porcupine, Giant skunk, Giant snapping turtle, Giant squid, Giant toad, Giant vulture (combat-trained), Giant vulture (common), Giant white whale, Glyptodon, Goblin dog (combat-trained), Goblin dog (common), Gorilla, Great horned owl, Grizzly bear, Hippopotamus, Hyena, Iguanodon, Kangaroo, Leopard, Lion (combat-trained), Lion (common), Manta ray, Marine iguana, Mastodon brush, Megalania, Megaloceros, Megatherium, Mongoose, Monitor lizard, Narwhal, Noxious aromatic (flask), Orca, Osprey, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Poison caps, Poison frog, Porcupine, Pteranodon, Ram (combat-trained), Ram (common), Rhinoceros (combat-trained), Rhinoceros (common), Roc (combat-trained), Roc (common), Sea krait, Seal, Shark, Snail kite, Snapping turtle, Spinosaurus, Squid, Stegosaurus, Stingray, Thylacine, Tiger (combat-trained), Tiger (common), Toucan, Training sleeve, Triceratops, Tylosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Vulture, Whale, Whet bone, Wolf, Wolverine, Woolly rhinoceros (combat-trained), Woolly rhinoceros (common)

Familiars [45]

Armadillo, Bat, Cat, Centipede, house, Compsognathus dinosaur, Crab, king, Dodo, Donkey rat, Dwarf caiman, Fox, Giant isopod, Goat, Hawk, Hedgehog, Lizard, Marine iguana, Mongoose, Monkey, Octopus, blue-ringed, Osprey, Otter, Owl, Parrot, Pig, Platypus, Rabbit, Raccoon, Rat, Raven*, Rhamphorhynchus, Scorpion, greensting, Sea krait, Seal, Skunk, Snail kite, Snapping turtle, Spider, scarlet, Squirrel, Squirrel, flying, Thrush*, Toad, Toucan, Turtle, Viper, Weasel

Feats [13]

Boon Companion, Critical Conduit, Extra Item Slot, Familiar Focus, Familiar Spell, Jumper, Lithe Attacker, Master of Your Kind, Narrow Frame, Spell Sponge, Stable Gallop, Sure-Footed, Valiant Steed

Magic Items (Rods) [4]

Rod of Metamagic, Familiar (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Familiar (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Familiar (normal), Rod of Animal Training

Magic Items (Weapons) [1]

Tamer's Whip

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [7]

Circlet of Speaking, Collar of Obedience, Figurine of Wondrous Power (Glass Walrus), Horseshoes of Sacred Silver, Instant Muzzle, Pull-Ring of Scent, Saddle of the Sky-River

Monsters [8]

Armadillo, Llama, Moose, Panda, Platypus, Rabbit, Squirrel, Walrus

Spells [10]

Bleed for your Master, Die for Your Master, Familiar Figment, Hunter's Friend, Scamper, Sea Stallion, Sea Steed, Share Shape, Shield Companion, Sky Steed