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Advanced Class Origins

Estimated Release Date: 10/22/2014
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Arcanist Exploits [7]

Altered Shifting, First-World Face Thief, First-World Illusion Catcher, Lepidstadt Shifter, Nidalese Shadow Veil, Sonic Blast, Third Eye

Archetypes [15]

Bekyar Demon Dancer (Skald), Belkzen War Drummer (Skald), Dragon Skald (Skald), Lepidstadt Inspector (Investigator), Liberty's Blade (Warpriest), Mantis Zealot (Warpriest), Pureblade (Slayer), Scarab Stalker (Hunter), Sczarni Executioner (Slayer), Shackles Corsair (Swashbuckler), Twilight Sage (Arcanist), Ulfen Beast-Wrestler (Brawler), Uprooter Scout (Hunter), Whirling Dervish (Swashbuckler), Winding Path Renegade (Brawler)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [2]

Black Blood, Kyton

Feats [14]

Ambush Sense, Amplified Hex, Daggermark Lore, Eldritch Aid, Expanded Spell Kenning, Expanded Studies, Fencing Grace, Fighting Frenzy, Know Weakness, Mad Magic, Onslaught, Pack Tactics, Totem Beast, Unfair Grip

Investigator Talents [5]

Applied Engineering, Domino Effect, Prolonged Study, Slowing Strike, Timed Strike

Magic Items (Armor) [2]

Corsair, Crusading

Magic Items (Staves) [2]

Shory Acolyte's Staff, Zenj Totem Staff

Magic Items (Weapons) [3]

Daggermark Blade, Signifer's Fist, Skewering

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [4]

Beast Wrestler's Gauntlets, Fangwood Clasp, Flame of Bakrakhan, Lepidstadt Investigator's Hat

Shaman Spirits [1]


Slayer Talents [2]

Blood Reader, Studied Ally

Spells [9]

Acid Maw, Arcane Disruption, Blood Salvation, Defensive Grace, Energy Hack, Imbue Hex, Phantom Hunt, Spirit Call, Wrathful Weapon

Traits [20]

Absalom Bouncer, Analytical, Bekyar Slave Maestro, Cultist Lineage, Erutaki Sky Reader, Failed Aspirant, Fangwood Insurgent, Greenskin Stalker, Hellknight Devotion, Lastwall Defender, Lepidstadt Scar, Lichblood, Lion's Audacity, Nexian Corpse Hunter, Scion of the Shory, Scourge of the Seas, Screaming Leap, Shadow Shaman, Shoanti Spirit-singer, Wild Wanderer

Warpriest Blessings [2]

Scalykind, Void