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Source Pathfinder Unchained pg. 75
When crafting items, you need tools and an appropriate workspace. What constitutes an appropriate workspace is often situational. Repairing weapons or armor in the field requires only a relatively quiet and clear area, while crafting a suit of full plate requires a workshop and a forge. Typically, items of normal or greater complexity require a workshop of some sort, but under certain circumstances, the GM can rule that such items can be created in the field. Alchemical items and poisons are exceptions to these guidelines, as their compact nature makes them easier to craft in the field, especially with the help of an alchemist’s lab.

Masterwork Workspaces: Large, well-stocked workspaces can also aid in the crafting of items, particularly when you use trained and untrained labor. These masterwork workspaces grant trained and untrained laborers a +2 circumstance bonus on checks to aid another when they aid your Craft check. Furthermore, if a trained or untrained laborer succeeds at the check to aid another by 5 or more, that laborer grants you a +3 bonus on your check instead of the normal +2. It typically costs 5 gp per day to rent a masterwork workspace for crafting relatively small items (such as most adventuring gear, alchemical items, armor, poisons, and weapons) and 20 gp per day to rent a masterwork workspace for creating larger items (such as siege engines and vehicles).