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Supervising Helpers

Source Pathfinder Unchained pg. 75
As stated in both versions of the skill, Craft allows you to supervise untrained laborers. An untrained laborer has no ranks in Craft, but can attempt to aid in the process of creating items with the Craft skill. This is done by first paying the untrained laborer either 1 sp per day or 7 sp for a week’s worth of work. Each untrained worker you hire can attempt to aid another on your Craft check with a +0 bonus (assuming an Intelligence score of 10 or 11 and no ranks in the appropriate Craft skill). Typically, you can hire no more than two artisans to help you craft most small or relatively simple items (such as adventuring gear, alchemical items, armor, poisons, and weapons), but for large and complex items (such as siege engines and vehicles), you can hire as many as 10 untrained laborers to assist you.

If your GM allows it, you can also hire and supervise trained laborers. These laborers have ranks in the appropriate Craft skill and have a greater chance to aid you in your crafting endeavors. Table 2–5: Trained Laborers gives the details on such trained laborers, how much they cost, the number of ranks they have in the appropriate Craft check, the bonus on their Craft checks, and the typical size of the settlement in which they are found. You can hire only trained laborers who have fewer ranks in the appropriate Craft than you have; a trained laborer with more ranks than you will not deign to assist you.

Table 2-5: Trained Laborers

Ranks in CraftCraft BonusCost to Hire per DayCost to Hire per WeekSettlement Size
1+43 sp2 gp, 1 spHamlet
2+54 sp2 gp, 8 spVillage
3+66 sp4 gp, 2 spSmall town
4+78 sp5 gp, 6 spLarge town
5+81 gp7 gpSmall city
6+91 gp, 5 sp10 gp, 5 spLarge city
7+102 gp14 gpMetropolis