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Room Augmentations

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 104
Augmentations modify a room to be more productive, durable, or useful. Augmentations are permanent and can’t be removed. If you upgrade a room you have augmented, the augmentation carries over to the upgrade, but the augmentation’s cost isn’t considered when you look at the difference between the base and upgrade room. You can put more than one augmentation in a room, as long as they aren’t the same augmentation.

Fortification (Augmentation)

Benefit increases room’s durability
Create 8 Goods, 7 Labor (300 gp); Time 30 days
Size As original room

This upgrade can be applied to any room, reinforcing walls, improving doors, and treating or replacing flammable materials. Upon buying this upgrade, the room’s walls have their hardness increased by +2, the doors are improved to strong wooden doors (hardness 5, hit points 20), and walls and floors gain fire resistance 5. This upgrade doesn’t affect items within the room (for example, upgrading a Book Repository affects the structure, not the books within it).

Furnishings (Augmentation)

Earnings +5 on the room’s check to generate capital
Create 9 Goods, 6 Labor (300 gp); Time 20 days
Size as original room

This upgrade adds fancy furnishings to one room, such as wooden paneling, marble floors, fine ceramic teacups, lifelike paintings, and canopies for beds. The decoration is appropriate to the nature of the room and building. For example, if applied to a Bar frequented by soldiers, it includes patriotic heraldry and placards memorializing war heroes.

Trap (Augmentation)

Adding a Trap augmentation to a room costs the same as adding a dedicated Trap room; see the Trap room.