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Promote a Business

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 85
You can spend 1 day of downtime to increase interest in a business, temple, organization, or other local fixture. You can also spend one type of capital, depending on how you want to promote the business. For example, if you want to promote a bakery, you can spend Goods giving out free pastries to people in town, Influence to get the mayor to visit the bakery and praise its food, Labor to hire workers to stand with signboards advertising the bakery, or Magic for a memorable illusion that draws people to the bakery.

The promotion increases activity at the site for 1d6 days. Choose one capital the building generates, then attempt a skill check for using skilled work to earn capital, using Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), or Spellcraft. Add 5 to your check result for every 1 point of Goods, Influence, Labor, or Magic you spent to promote the business, then use the skilled work option to determine how many additional resources the business generates over the course of this increased activity. If you’re promoting an organization without a physical building, each Good, Influence, Labor, or Magic adds only 2 to the check instead of 5—it’s harder to encourage people to be patrons of something they can’t physically visit.

The business you promote with this downtime activity doesn’t have to be one you own.

If the building or organization does not generate capital (such as charity that takes care of war orphans), the promotion generates either gp or Influence (your choice) .