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Moving an Organization

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 93
You can move an organization to a different settlement by paying half the price of recruiting it. This price accounts for paying relocation expenses for your teams, hiring replacements for people unwilling to move, and so on. Arranging the movement of an organization usually takes 1d6 days per team in the organization; the time needed to actually move the teams is the amount of time it takes to travel from the old settlement to the new one. The organization provides only half its benefits during the time you are arranging the move, and none of its benefits while traveling to the new settlement.

Instead of moving an entire organization, you can move just some of the teams within that organization. For example, if your Thieves’ Guild includes two Robber teams, you could move one of the teams to a different settlement by spending 2 points of Influence and 1 point of Labor (half the price of recruiting a Robber team in the new location). This otherwise works like moving an entire organization. You may add these teams to an existing organization in the new settlement or use them to create a new organization.