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Magic Item Gold Piece Values

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 549
Many factors must be considered when determining the price of new magic items. The easiest way to come up with a price is to compare the new item to an item that is already priced, using that price as a guide. Otherwise, use the guidelines summarized on Table 15–29.

Multiple Similar Abilities: For items with multiple similar abilities that don’t take up space on a character’s body, use the following formula: Calculate the price of the single most costly ability, then add 75% of the value of the next most costly ability, plus 1/2 the value of any other abilities.

Multiple Different Abilities: Abilities such as an attack roll bonus or saving throw bonus and a spell-like function are not similar, and their values are simply added together to determine the cost. For items that take up a space on a character’s body, each additional power not only has no discount but instead has a 50% increase in price.

0-Level Spells: When multiplying spell levels to determine value, 0-level spells should be treated as 1/2 level.

Other Considerations: Once you have a cost figure, reduce that number if either of the following conditions applies:

Item Requires Skill to Use: Some items require a specific skill to get them to function. This factor should reduce the cost about 10%.

Item Requires Specific Class or Alignment to Use: Even more restrictive than requiring a skill, this limitation cuts the price by 30%.

Prices presented in the magic item descriptions (the gold piece value following the item’s slot) are the market value, which is generally twice what it costs the creator to make the item. Since different classes get access to certain spells at different levels, the prices for two characters to make the same item might actually be different. An item is only worth two times what the caster of the lowest possible level can make it for. Calculate the market price based on the lowest possible level caster, no matter who makes the item.

Not all items adhere to these formulas. First and foremost, these few formulas aren’t enough to truly gauge the exact differences between items. The price of a magic item may be modified based on its actual worth. The formulas only provide a starting point. The pricing of scrolls assumes that, whenever possible, a wizard or cleric created it. Potions and wands follow the formulas exactly. Staves follow the formulas closely, and other items require at least some judgment calls.

Table 15-29: Estimating Magic Item Gold Piece Values

EffectBase PriceExample
Ability bonus (enhancement)Bonus squared × 1,000 gpBelt of incredible dexterity +2
Armor bonus (enhancement)Bonus squared × 1,000 gp+1 chainmail
Bonus spellSpell level squared × 1,000 gpPearl of power
AC bonus (deflection)bonus squared × 2,000 gpRing of protection +3
AC bonus (other)1bonus squared × 2,500 gpIoun stone (dusty rose prism)
Natural armor bonus (enhancement)bonus squared × 2,000 gpAmulet of natural armor +1
Save bonus (resistance)bonus squared × 1,000 gpCloak of resistance +5
Save bonus (other)1bonus squared × 2,000 gpStone of good luck
Skill bonus (competence)bonus squared × 100 gpCloak of elvenkind
Spell resistance10,000 gp per point over SR 12; SR 13 minimumMantle of spell resistance
Weapon bonus (enhancement)bonus squared × 2,000 gp+1 longsword
Spell EffectBase PriceExample
Single use, spell completionSpell level × caster level × 25 gpScroll of haste
Single use, use-activatedSpell level × caster level × 50 gpPotion of cure light wounds
50 charges, spell triggerSpell level × caster level × 750 gpWand of fireball
Command wordSpell level × caster level × 1,800 gpCape of the mountebank
Use-activated or continuousSpell level × caster level × 2,000 gp2Lantern of revealing
SpecialBase Price AdjustmentExample
Charges per dayDivide by (5 divided by charges per day)Boots of teleportation
No space limitation3Multiply entire cost by 2Ioun stone
Multiple different abilitiesMultiply lower item cost by 1.5Helm of brilliance
Charged (50 charges)1/2 unlimited use base priceRing of the ram
ComponentExtra CostExample
Armor, shield, or weaponAdd cost of masterwork item+1 composite longbow
Spell has material component costAdd directly into price of item per charge4Wand of stoneskin
Spell Level: A 0-level spell is half the value of a 1st-level spell for determining price.
1 Such as a luck, insight, sacred, or profane bonus.
2 If a continuous item has an effect based on a spell with a duration measured in rounds, multiply the cost by 4. If the duration of the spell is 1 minute/level, multiply the cost by 2, and if the duration is 10 minutes/level, multiply the cost by 1.5. If the spell has a 24-hour duration or greater, divide the cost in half.
3 An item that does not take up one of the spaces on a body costs double.
4 If item is continuous or unlimited, not charged, determine cost as if it had 100 charges. If it has some daily limit, determine as if it had 50 charges.