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Access card

Source Technology Guide pg. 39
Price 10 gp (black), 360 gp (blue), 3 gp (brown), 90 gp (gray), 160 gp (green), 490 gp (orange), 1,000 gp (prismatic), 250 gp (red), 40 gp (white)
Slot none; Weight — (black), — (blue), — (brown), — (gray), — (green), — (orange), — (prismatic), — (red), — (white)
Capacity —; Usage


An access card is a small strip of stiff plastic with a colorcoded stripe on one side. Some access cards are further decorated with names or titles written in Androffan, or even photographs of long-dead crew members. An access card functions as a key—when swiped through an electronic lock (a move action), an access card unlocks any lock of its color code or a color code of a lower rating. Although access cards do not consume energy themselves, they work in only electronic locks that currently have power. Among certain societies in Numeria, access cards are also used as decorations, worn as affectations, and incorporated into ceremonial regalia.

Access cards must be encoded to specific locks before they can function. Often, all of the doors in a complex are keyed to a unique set of cards that don’t work on doors found in other complexes, much like a skeleton key might open all the doors in one castle but none in another. Coding an access card for specific locks requires a lock coder (see page 44). Some access cards could be worth far more than the prices listed above if they’re specifically encoded to locks that protect more valuable or significant contents.


Craft DC 16 (black), DC 21 (blue), DC 15 (brown), DC 18 (gray), DC 19 (green), DC 22 (orange), DC 23 (prismatic), DC 20 (red), DC 17 (white)
Cost 5 gp (black), 180 gp (blue), 1 gp, 5 sp (brown), 45 gp (gray), 80 gp (green), 245 gp (orange), 500 gp (prismatic), 125 gp (red), 20 gp (white)
Craft Technological Item, production lab