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The Primordial Poison

Source Concordance of Rivals pg. 18
Pathfinder Wiki Teshallas


Alignment N
Pantheon Psychopomp Usher
Areas of Concern Aging, poison, and venomous creatures
Domains Healing, Magic, Repose, Scalykind
Subdomains N/A
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Chakram
Symbol Circle pierced by two vertical lines


Drink a diluted preparation of poison—a single dose of poison is sufficient to prepare five such draughts, and the dilution grants you a +5 circumstance bonus on your saving throw—or allows a venomous creature to bite you. You gain an innate sense of poison, per detect poison, as an extraordinary ability with a range of 20 feet.

Boons - Monitor Obedience


Source Concordance of Rivals pg. 18
1: Serpent's Kiss (Sp) polypurpose panacea 3/day, touch injection 2/day, or sands of time 1/day
2: Breath of Life (Sp) You can cast restoration once per day.
3: Wonders of Age (Su) You no longer take ability score penalties from aging and cannot be magically aged. Any penalties you may have already incurred remain in place, however. Bonuses still accrue, and you still die of old age when your time is up.

For Followers of Teshallas

Prestige Classes

Mortal Usher, Proctor