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Qi Zhong

Master of Medicine

Source Dragon Empires Gazetteer pg. 58
Pathfinder Wiki Qi Zhong


Alignment NG
Pantheon Deities of Tian Xia
Areas of Concern Healing, magic, medicine
Domains Good, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Protection
Subdomains Agathion, Alchemy (Magic), Divine, Medicine, Memory, Purity, Restoration, Resurrection
Favored Weapon Heavy mace
Symbol Wagon wheel with spokes made of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood
Sacred Animal(s) Crane

On Golarion

Centers of Worship Jinin, Quain, Tianjing, Xidao, Zi Ha
Nationality Tian-Shu

For Followers of Qi Zhong


Arcane Physician (Wizard)