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The Universal

Source Concordance of Rivals pg. 14
Pathfinder Wiki Otolmens


Alignment LN
Pantheon Primal Inevitable
Areas of Concern Machinery, math, and physics
Domains Artifice, Fire, Knowledge, Law
Subdomains N/A
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Mace
Symbol Planet held within a geometrical compass


Spend 1 hour systematically diagraming one of your everyday tasks or upcoming projects in painstaking detail and technical language. Gain a +4 sacred or profane bonus on attack rolls to confirm critical hits and on Knowledge (engineering) checks.

Boons - Monitor Obedience


Source Concordance of Rivals pg. 14
1: Discerning Mind (Sp) identify 3/day, investigative mind 2/day, or blink 1/day
2: Combat Calculus (Ex) Three times per day as a move action, you can trace a series of mathematical calculations in the air. The next attack you make before the beginning of your next turn gains the benefits of true strike, ignores an amount of hardness and damage reduction equal to your Hit Dice, and deals additional damage as though it the weapon had the axiomatic weapon special ability.
3: Revise Reality (Sp) You can cast limited wish once per day. This ability is equivalent to a 9th-level spell.

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