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Our Lady of Pain

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 328
Pathfinder Wiki Doloras


Alignment LE
Pantheon Queens of the Night
Areas of Concern Detachment, dispassion, pain
Domains Destruction, Evil, Law, Repose
Subdomains Catastrophe, Devil (Evil), Devil (Law), Rage, Souls
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Kukri
Symbol Halo of tears
Sacred Animal(s) Panther
Sacred Color(s) Gray, red


Take a small, humanoid-shaped doll and slowly insert needles, small daggers, or other sharp implements into its pressure points. Throughout the process, dispassionately narrate what you’re doing, detailing the steps you take to maximize the physical pain you’re symbolically causing. After each step, repeat a mantra dedicating your efforts to Our Lady in Pain. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saving throws to resist pain effects and effects that would cause the nauseated condition.

Boons - Fiendish Obedience


Source Book of the Damned pg. 46
1: Caina’s Cold Logic (Sp) forbid action 3/day, owl’s wisdom 2/day, or dispel magic 1/day
2: Unholy Mind over Matter (Sp) Doloras’s profane teachings have shown you that the only way to true power is to have a clear mind unpolluted with petty emotions or attachments. You have made an art of using Doloras’s unholy power to inure creatures against the weaknesses emotions cause. Once per day, you can cast sequester as a spell-like ability.
3: Leave This Petty Existence (Sp) Like Our Lady in Pain, you know that the emotions and love of others, especially family members, are foolish distractions that only make you vulnerable to your enemies. Thus, you have become adept at transcending your pathetic feelings and can briefly enter new states of existence along with anyone smart enough to ally with you. Once per day, you can cast etherealness as a spell-like ability, using your Hit Dice as your caster level.


Source Book of the Damned pg. 46
1: Excise Fervor (Sp) ray of sickening 3/day, calm emotions 2/day, or nondetection 1/day
2: Power over Passion (Su) Like Doloras torturing the souls of the damned in Caina, you know that the passions of your enemies only give you more fodder with which to torment them. Once per day, when one or more creatures within 60 feet of you is under an emotion or mind-affecting effect, as a standard action you can speak a profane prayer to Our Lady in Pain. When you do, the creature or creatures must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + half your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier) or be paralyzed for 1 round and then staggered for a number of rounds equal to your Hit Dice. A successful saving throw negates this effect. When this ability targets multiple creatures, you can choose to exclude one or more of them. Once a creature has been targeted by this ability (whether or not it succeeded at its saving throw), that creature cannot again be the target of power over passion for 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting emotion effect.
3: Emotionless Void (Sp) Adherence to the ways of Our Lady in Pain has taught you how to siphon desires, dreams, fears, and hopes out of your enemies, until the void of dispassion steals the very breath from their lungs. Once per day, you can cast mass suffocation as a spell-like ability.


Source Book of the Damned pg. 46
1: Suffer for Our Lady (Sp) interrogation 3/day, instrument of agony 2/day, or inflict serious wounds 1/day
2: Bringer of Pain (Sp) Like Our Lady in Pain, who is deaf to the screams of agony from the souls that she and her minions perpetually torture in her unholy realm, you have perfected the art of visiting pain upon your enemies, and you delight in drawing forth their tormented cries. Three times per day, you can cast harm as a spell-like ability.
3: Hell’s Sadistic Angel (Sp) Doloras is well versed in ways to cause unholy pain to even the strongest and most resourceful souls, and you have painstakingly studied her torturer’s techniques. Once per day as a standard action, you can call down your evil goddess’s dispassionate, unholy might upon all enemies in a 30-foot radius centered anywhere within 100 feet of you. When you do, otherworldly chains forged in the infernal morass of Hell itself latch on to your enemies’ feet, rooting them in place for a number of rounds equal to your Hit Dice. Affected creatures cannot damage the hellish chains nor magically escape them; if they attempt to use teleportation magic or a similar ability to circumvent the chains, the spell or ability fails and is wasted. While they are rooted, affected creatures take 2d6 points of piercing damage and 4d6 points of fire damage per round as blazing, hellish needles stab into the exposed portions of their bodies (affected creatures begin taking damage as soon as they are under this ability’s effects). A creature that succeeds at a Reflex saving throw is only held in place for half the number of rounds and takes the listed damage only once.