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Summoner (Unchained) Class Details | Archetypes

Summoner (Unchained) Archetypes

Construct CallerSubtype; Summon MonsterConstruct callers use their mechanical and planar understandings to work planar energies as a tinkerer works parts
Devil BinderAlignment; Summon Monster I; Bond Senses; Shield Ally; Maker's Call; Transposition; Greater Shield Ally; Merge Forms; Twin Eidolon; DevotionA devil binder borrows extraplanar quintessence from her eidolon, gaining strange abilities for herself and evolving her eidolon’s magical powers.
Devil ImpostorClass Skills; Bond Senses; Eidolon; Summon Monster; Shield Ally; Greater Shield Ally; TranspositionSome summoners can’t abide the cruelty of devils, or simply can’t outwit them, but must appear to do so to get by in Cheliax, the Outer Planes, or similar areas of infernal influence. Rather than risk binding true devils, they reshape their eidolons into deceptive forms.
Fey CallerClass Skills; Summon Monster; Eidolon SubtypeFey callers are summoners whose voices reach out into those strange faerie realms and call forth the fey who dwell there.
God CallerClass Skills; Life Link; Transposition; Aspect; Greater Aspect; Twin EidolonGod callers follow a fractured tradition that originated in the now-lost nation of Sarkoris. They speak to an assortment of ancient divine powers to lead their communities and sometimes stir up reformations in faiths with ideals similar to their personal convictions.
Leshy CallerEidolon; Summon MonsterA leshy caller summons creatures from the First World and forges a bond with a leshy eidolon.
Soulbound SummonerEidolon; Life Link; Summon MonsterSoulbound summoners, as a rule, never set out to bind their soul to a dangerous and enigmatic power. Rather, they have found themselves unintentional masters of eidolons through incredible circumstances.
Storm CallerEidolon; Summon Monster; Shield Ally; Greater Shield Ally; Maker's Call; TranspositionMany summoners beckon monsters from the Elemental Planes, but few are as specialized as storm callers, who channel the elemental energies of the Plane of Air.
Twinned SummonerShield Ally; Greater Shield Ally; Maker's Call; Transposition; Merge FormsReflecting the connected nature of Imbrex, a twinned summoner and his eidolon appear identical save for any obvious differences, such as evolutions or equipment.