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Herb Witch

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 89, Heroes of the Wild pg. 11
Some witches dedicate their lives to the mastery of herb lore. Herb witches brew foul-tasting medicines, sweet poisons, and other concoctions from the untamed plants of the wild.

Patron Spells: An herb witch must choose a patron with a theme compatible with the needs of the natural world, selected from the following list: ancestors, animals, death, elements, healing, plague, strength, time, water, winter, wisdom, or woodlands.

This alters the witch’s patron spells.

Herb Lore (Ex): Herb witches are masters of herbalism, and they can use what they gather from garden or grove to duplicate many of the effects of alchemy. An herb witch can attempt Profession (herbalist) checks in place of Craft (alchemy) checks, and she gains a bonus on Profession (herbalist) checks equal to half her class level.

Herb witches are adept at brewing thick herbal cure-alls called remedies. An herb witch prepares these remedies while communing with her familiar, during which she can prepare a number of remedies equal to 3 + her Intelligence modifier (minimum 1 remedy). A remedy becomes inert if it leaves the herb witch’s possession, reactivating as soon as it returns to her keeping. A witch can never have more remedies than 3 + her Intelligence modifier.

As a standard action, the herb witch can administer a remedy to herself or a creature within reach which consumes the remedy. The herb witch attempts a Profession (herbalist) check against the save DC of any one disease or poison currently afflicting the consumer. If she is successful, the affliction is suppressed for 1 minute. At 10th level, if she exceeds the DC of the check by 10 or more, the affliction immediately ends. If the disease or poison doesn’t allow saving throws, the remedy is ineffective.

An herb witch can also use a remedy to attempt to remove the blinded, deafened, fatigued, nauseated, sickened, and staggered conditions. This requires a Profession (herbalist) check with a DC equal to the spell or effect that caused the condition, or a DC 25 check if the condition was caused by an effect that doesn’t allow a saving throw. If the herb witch succeeds, the condition is removed unless the condition is permanent; at 10th level, if the herb witch succeeds by 10 or more, her remedy can remove a permanent condition.

Only a single condition, disease, or poison can be removed with each application of a remedy, and a creature can only benefit from one herbal remedy each day, whether or not the herb witch succeeds at her skill check.

This replaces the hexes gained at 1st and 10th levels.

Hexes: An herb witch must select cauldron as her hex at 2nd level. The following witch hexes complement the herb witch archetype: fortune, healing, poison steep, swamp hag.

Major Hexes: The following major hexes complement the herb witch archetype: major healing, weather control, witch’s brew.

Grand Hexes: The following grand hex complements the herb witch archetype: life giver.