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Source Occult Adventures pg. 104
The amnesiac once possessed great psychic power, but mental blocks—resulting from either a traumatic event or intentional implantation—have caused her to forget what she knew before. The amnesiac’s struggle to control her psychic magic leads to wild and unpredictable results.

Repressed Memories: All the amnesiac’s older memories have been deeply hidden, as though she had been affected by multiple repress memory spells. She isn’t prevented from remembering things that happen over the course of a game, but might be forgetful. If the amnesiac’s memories are ever restored, she loses this archetype and reverts to a standard psychic.

Spells: An amnesiac’s ability to cast psychic spells is the same as that of the psychic class, with the following exceptions.

An amnesiac’s faulty memory makes remembering and casting spells difficult, but the increased flexibility can be a great benefit. Instead of choosing a number of spells known from Table 1–8: Psychic Spells Known, an amnesiac accesses spells she knew the previous day from the recesses of her mind. This requires 1 hour of meditation. Each day, for each spell level the amnesiac can cast, she retains a number of spells known equal to half the number listed on Table 1–8, rounded up. These spells must be selected from spells the amnesiac knew the previous day (including any spells she remembered using spell recollection; see below). The remainder of her spells known (half the number on Table 1–8, rounded down) become amnesia slots, which the amnesiac can use with her spell recollection ability (see below). To determine the spells she knows on the day when she first takes this archetype, the amnesiac picks any one 1st-level spell from the psychic spell list.

This change to spells doesn’t apply to knacks (0-level spells) or discipline spells, which function the same way they do for a normal psychic. When the amnesiac gains access to 3rd-level spells, she gains full recall of her 1st-level spells and no longer gains 1st-level amnesia slots, instead gaining the full number of 1st-level spells known from Table 1–8 and casting them as a normal psychic. When this happens, the amnesiac can select any level-appropriate spells from the psychic spell list as her spells known, even if they were never among the spells she prepared or recalled; once selected, these spells can no longer be changed, as with a normal psychic. Each time the psychic gains access to a new level of spells, she gains full memory of spells 2 levels lower in the same way (gaining full memory and permanently selecting her 2nd-level spells when she gains access to 4thlevel spells, and so on). This ability alters spellcasting.

Spell Recollection (Ex): Once per hour as a swift action, an amnesiac can attempt to remember any spell from the psychic spell list of her choice from either of the 2 highest spell levels she can cast. When she does, she rolls on Table 2–1: Spell Recollection to determine the result. Because the mental stress of combat brings memories to the surface more easily, the amnesiac adds 1d10 to this roll’s result if she’s in combat when she attempts to recall a spell. Regardless of the result, the amnesiac expends an amnesia slot of the appropriate level for the spell she is attempting to remember; she must cast the spell remembered (if any) using that amnesia slot during the same round, or the spell slot is lost without effect. Once a spell has been remembered in this way, the amnesiac can cast it as one of her spells known for the rest of the day (even if she failed to cast the spell during the round in which she remembered it), unless spell recollection allowed her to cast a spell of a higher level than she would normally be able to cast.

1–10The amnesiac is unable to cast spells this round.
11–35The amnesiac can’t remember the new spell (but can still cast spells this round).
36–95The amnesiac remembers and can cast the new spell.
96+The amnesiac can choose to treat this result as 36–95. Alternatively, once per day, she can instead temporarily recall any spell from the psychic spell list that’s 1 level higher than the spell she’s attempting to remember. When she does, her caster level counts as the minimum caster level required to cast the higherlevel spell, and she forgets the spell after it’s cast.