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Material Manipulator

Source Psychic Anthology pg. 18
Rather than waste time limiting himself to ruling minds, a material manipulator forces his whims upon reality and uses his magic to ensure that those around him comply with his demands.

Manipulator Spells: A material manipulator casts psychic spells drawn from the mesmerist spell list and augmented by a select list of sorcerer/wizard spells. All illusion (glamer), illusion (shadow), and transmutation spells of 6th level and lower are considered to be part of the material manipulator’s spell list. These are psychic spells.

This ability alters the mesmerist’s spellcasting and replaces consummate liar, the mesmerist trick gained at 2nd level, and manifold tricks.

Revision (Su): At 3rd level, a material manipulator can revise a creature’s body to change its appearance. He can use revision a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. Using revision is a standard action (or a swift action if the material manipulator uses it on himself ), and the material manipulator must be able to touch his target. An unwilling target must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + half the material manipulator’s mesmerist level + his Charisma modifier) to negate the effect.

At 3rd level, the material manipulator can adjust the target’s height and weight, increasing it or decreasing it to any height or weight within the standard range for creatures of the target’s type and size category (Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 169). At 6th level, he can adjust the target’s gender, physical traits (such as nose size, fingernail length, and foot shape), and pigmentation (including eye, hair, and skin color) to any natural variation for creatures of the target’s type (and heritage, if applicable). At 10th level, he can adjust the target’s age, rewinding the target’s age to as young as a young adult (approximately 8 years old for a human) or progressing it to as old as venerable. This causes the target to gain aging bonuses and penalties and adjust its size as appropriate for its new age, but doesn’t confer any other benefits gained from aging (such as additional racial Hit Dice, supernatural abilities, and so on). At 14th level, he can adjust the target’s type or subtype, as per polymorph. At 20th level, he can instead adjust the target’s type as per greater polymorph. This ability is a polymorph effect, and the subject of a revision cannot end the effect early by any means unless the material manipulator permits it. The material manipulator can stack multiple adjustments from this ability into the same polymorph effect—for instance, a 14th-level material manipulator can adjust himself into an orc, reduce his age to that of a young adult, give himself large feet and a bulbous nose, and change his gender.

This effect lasts for 10 minutes per mesmerist level. At 10th level, the effect lasts for 1 hour per mesmerist level, or 1 minute per level if he uses it as polymorph. At 20th level, the effect lasts indefinitely, or 10 minutes per mesmerist level if the material manipulator uses it as greater polymorph and causes the target to assume a form with a different type than its true form. The mesmerist can dismiss this effect as a free action.

Clothing and equipment worn by the target is not affected by this effect—gear does not resize to suit the wearer’s new form, nor does it merge into her body. Gear unable to be worn or wielded as a result of this effect falls to the ground in the wearer’s space.

This ability replaces touch treatment and rule minds.