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Sacrament Alchemist

Source Healer's Handbook pg. 11
Sacrament alchemists serve in a great variety of priestly roles for their deities. A sacrament alchemist is often invaluable even to like-minded allies who are not adherents of the alchemist’s religion but who nonetheless rely on his divine abilities.

Faithful: Like a cleric, a sacrament alchemist must worship a deity, and must be within one step of his deity’s alignment.

Sacramental Cognatogen (Su): A sacrament alchemist can anoint himself as his deity’s servant using his own special version of a mutagen called a sacramental cognatogen. This is brewed, imbibed, maintained, and can nauseate non-alchemists in the same way as a mutagen. While a sacramental cognatogen is in effect, the sacrament alchemist takes a –2 penalty to Dexterity.

Instead of providing physical benefits, the sacramental cognatogen grants the sacrament alchemist access to the domain powers of one domain or subdomain belonging to his deity as if he were a cleric of his alchemist level. The sacrament alchemist must choose the domain or subdomain when he brews the sacramental cognatogen. A sacrament alchemist can select an alignment domain only if his alignment matches that domain. He treats his alchemist level as his cleric level for purposes of using these domain powers, and treats his Intelligence modifier as his Wisdom modifier for purposes of variable effects. The effects of the sacramental cognatogen last for 10 minutes per alchemist level.

A sacrament alchemist doesn’t gain the bonus spells listed for each domain, nor does he gain any bonus spell slots. Levels of classes that normally provide access to domains stack with the sacrament alchemist’s alchemist level for purposes of determining domain powers and abilities, but not for purposes of determining bonus spells. Discoveries, feats, and effects that interact with the mutagen class feature do not affect sacramental cognatogen. A sacrament alchemist cannot take the cognatogen or mutagen discoveries.

This ability replaces mutagen.

Divinely Inspired Alchemy (Su): At 3rd level, a sacrament alchemist’s faith inspires him with ideas for novel alchemical achievements, although the mental strain means that he can’t reliably repeat them. Once per day while preparing extracts, for a period of 24 hours, a sacrament alchemist can gain an alchemist discovery for which he qualifies. He treats his alchemist level as 2 lower for the purpose of this discovery.

This ability replaces swift alchemy.

Discoveries: The following discoveries complement the sacrament alchemist archetype: combine extracts, dilution, infusion, and ranged baptism.