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Source Ultimate Magic pg. 19
While most alchemists use mutagens to boost their physical ability at the cost of mental ability, some use alchemy for the opposite purpose—to boost the power of the mind and memory. A mindchemist can reach incredible levels of mental acuity, but suffers lingering debilitating effects to his physique. A mindchemist has the following class features.

Cognatogen: At 1st level, a mindchemist learns how to create a cognatogen, as per the cognatogen discovery. This ability replaces the mutagen class ability (a mindchemist cannot create mutagens unless he selects mutagen* as a discovery).

Perfect Recall: At 2nd level, a mindchemist has honed his memory. When making a Knowledge check, he may add his Intelligence bonus on the check a second time. Thus, a mindchemist with 5 ranks in Knowledge (history) and a +2 Intelligence bonus has a total skill bonus of +9 (5 + 2 + 2) using this ability. The mindchemist can also use this ability when making an Intelligence check to remember something. This ability replaces poison use.

Bonus Feats: A mindchemist may select Skill Focus (Disable Device, Disguise, Heal, any Knowledge skill, Sense Motive, or Spellcraft) in place of a discovery.

Languages: A mindchemist may learn three languages in place of a discovery.

Discoveries: The following discoveries complement the mindchemist archetype: grand cognatogen, greater cognatogen, infuse mutagen.