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Origin Feats

Description Source Plane-Hopper's Handbook pg. 16
Origin feats are duskwalker racial feats that grant additional powers based on the duskwalker’s original cause of death. Generally, a duskwalker can qualify for only a single origin feat, but at the GM’s discretion, a duskwalker whose death matches multiple origin feats may be allowed to take more than one.

*combat feat
armor mastery feat
⊤⊤shield mastery feat
⊤⊤⊤weapon mastery feat

Chance DeathDuskwalkerReroll a failed attack or saving throw that would have resulted in your death
Deliberate DeathDuskwalkerWhen reduced below 0 hit points by a creature, you can attack them as an immediate action
Lonely DeathDuskwalkerWhen reduced to below 0 hit points, you can move and hide as an immediate action
Willing DeathDuskwalkerYou can cast paladin's sacrifice to prevent an ally from dying