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Wisdom of Jatembe (Three Warriors Edition) (Spellbook, Level 5 Diviner)

Source Arcane Anthology pg. 12
Well-tanned leather binds this sturdy spellbook, with a copper plate of a stylized animal head bolted to the front cover. A foreword filling the first several pages of this book is addressed to “young students of the Magaambya,” and offers warnings about the unexpected consequences of using spells without careful consideration. The rest of the book contains spells, each proceeded and followed by one or more stories discussing situations with thematic links to the spell.
Value 375 gp (875 gp with the preparation ritual)


3rd—beast shape I, clairaudience/clairvoyance, planar inquiry, tongues
2nd—alter self, detect thoughts, locate object, obscure object, see invisibility
1st—celestial healing, comprehend languages, detect undead, endure elements, heightened awarenessACG, hydraulic pushAPG, identify, obscuring mist


Eyes of Jatembe (Su) Several of the stories within this spellbook suggest ways to take what information you have and use it to infer the answers to questions for which you don’t have proven solutions. Spend this boon when you cast a divination spell to increase the spell’s caster level by +2.