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Source Elemental Master's Handbook pg. 23
Element earth, water, wood; Type utiltiy (Sp); Level 3; Burn 0
Prerequisite kinetic cover
You create a 5-foot-by-5-foot pillar of ice, packed dirt, or tangled roots with a height of up to 15 feet. This takes 1 full round, during which time the ground within the affected area rumbles conspicuously, but it rises only at the end of the round. You can’t create a pillar in an area occupied by or adjacent to any creatures unless all such creatures are willing, and if an unwilling creature moves into the area before the pillar finishes rising, it can disrupt and foil the pillar. As the pillar springs into existence, willing creatures and objects within the affected area are lifted with it.

The pillar can’t be used to crush creatures or objects against the ceiling; if insufficient room is available for the pillar and any creatures or objects on it, the pillar reaches only the maximum possible height. You can’t create a pillar under a Large or larger creature.

The pillar has AC 4, hardness 0, and 3 hit points per kineticist level. Scaling the pillar’s rough edges requires a successful DC 15 Climb check. When destroyed, when you create a new pillar, or when a number of rounds equal to your Constitution bonus (minimum 1) have elapsed, the pillar crumbles, melts, or withers away, gently lowering anything on it back to the ground.