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Sureseal bladder

Source Aquatic Adventures pg. 56
Price 1 sp (mundane), 8 gp (potion); Weight 1 lb. (mundane), — (potion)


While potion sponges (Advanced Race Guide 177) are a reasonable enough method for air-breathers like undines to prepare to bring a potion underwater, aquatic creatures prefer a solution that allows them to prepare potions, beverages, and other liquids underwater to begin with. A sureseal bladder is made of a thin membrane that won’t allow liquid through. By passing a solid spout or tube through the membrane, you can fill the bladder without allowing in any ambient seawater, and the membrane seals behind the spout. Once the bladder is full, the drinker can nip on the end of the membrane in order to sip the drink at her leisure, slowly crumpling the bladder for eventual disposal. The cheaper mundane sureseal bladders hold about 2 cups of liquid and work best for enjoying a favorite drink; the listed weight assumes the mundane sureseal bladder is full. Potions rely on drinking the entire dose, so potion sureseal bladders, while much smaller (just large enough for a potion), are pressurized in order to expel the entire potion at once without losing any of it, allowing the drinker to drink them as a standard action just like drinking a potion above the waves. Either type of sureseal bladder can be used only once.