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Shifter Archetypes

Adaptive ShifterShifter Claws; Shifter Aspect; Chimeric Aspect; Greater Chimeric Aspect; Final Aspect; Wild Empathy; Track; Woodland Stride; Trackless Step; Wild ShapeRather than emulate other animals entirely, some shifters learn to reshape their forms on the fly in response to a range of stimuli
Elementalist ShifterLanguages; Shifter Aspect; Wild Empathy; Shifter Claws; Wild Shape; Chimeric Aspect; Greater Chimeric Aspect Rather than drawing power from bestial aspects, elementalist shifters channel power from the Inner Sphere and can take on powerful elemental forms at the cost of the greater diversity available to traditional shifters.
Fiendflesh ShifterAlignment; Shifter Claws; Wild Shape; Shifter Aspect; Defensive Instinct; Chimeric Aspect; Greater Chimeric Instinct By forging dark pacts with extraplanar forces, fiendflesh shifters invoke sinister powers to assume the strengths of daemons, demons, or devils.
LeafshifterShifter Claws; Shifter Aspect(Ghoran only) Rather than assume aspects taken from the traits of natural animals, a leafshifter transforms into plant-animal hybrids that resemble living topiaries.
OozemorphWeapon and Armor Proficiencies; Chimeric Form; Greater Chimeric Form; Wild Shape; Shifter Aspect; Shifter Claws; Wild Empathy; Defensive Instinct; Woodland Stride While most shifters are trained in druidic traditions that allow them to tap into animalistic powers, others look instead to the simplest forms of life for inspiration. Known as oozemorphs, these shifters focus on the ooze—a form of life as simple in construction as it is dangerous in combat.
RageshaperAlignment; Wild Shape; Shifter Aspect; Shifter Claws; Defensive Instinct; Chimeric Aspect; Greater Chimeric Aspect; Woodland Stride; Trackless StepThe rageshaper is a destructive force of nature brought to bear—a wild and uncontrollable engine of annihilation fueled by wrath.
Style ShifterArmor Proficiencies; Shifter Aspect; Chimeric Aspect; Greater Chimeric Aspect; Final Aspect; Wild ShapeStyle shifters have been able to perfect their combat techniques to the point where they can augment a combat style by partially transforming into the creature that inspired it.
Verdant ShifterWild Empathy; Shifter Aspect; Defensive Instinct; Wild Shape; Chimeric Form; Greater Chimeric FormVerdant shifters have an affinity for plants rather than animals and gain a plantlike form that grows in power as they do.
WeretouchedShifter Aspect; Wild Empathy; Wild ShapeWeretouched shifters are scions of lycanthropic forces, whether hereditary or supernaturally imposed. They can assume both animal and hybrid forms, as a lycanthrope does.
Wild EffigyWild Empathy; Track; Woodland Stride; Trackless Step; Defensive InstinctA wild effigy still takes on the shapes of natural animals, but rather than transforming her body into flesh and muscle, she transforms into constructed effigies of her chosen aspects.