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Horror Characters

Source Horror Adventures pg. 8
The life of an adventurer has never been safe or comfortable. Terrible dangers lurk around every corner and the threat of death is a constant companion. Despite such grim realities, far more horrifying fates await those who find themselves facing off against true darkness: nightmares that thirst for the tears of the innocent and hunger for the flesh of the living. Adventurers who find themselves in a horror game must be prepared to face terror, madness, and threats to their very souls.

Playing a Horror Hero

Source Horror Adventures pg. 8
To run an effective horror-themed adventure, the GM has to think about her game in a different light. In the same way, to get the most out of their characters, players in a horror game should consider their characters anew. This section is aimed at the player, and provides tips on how to create suitable characters for horror-themed Pathfinder RPG adventures. It also touches on how you, as a player, can participate in horror-themed games in ways that make the story more unnerving for everyone at the game table.