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Primogen Crown

Source Pathfinder #127: Crownfall pg. 57
Aura strong abjuration and transmutation CL 20th
Slot head; Price —; Weight


This crenellated gold coronet, decorated with jewels and etchings of lions, seems heavier in the hand than expected. A single roaring lion’s head decorates the crown’s front. The Primogen Crown grants its wearer a +5 resistance bonus on saving throws, a +5 deflection bonus to AC, immunity to mind-affecting effects, spell resistance equal to the wearer’s CR + 11, a constant true seeing effect, and the ability to speak and be clearly heard by all sentient creatures within 1,000 feet. The crown also grants a +4 enhancement bonus to the wearer’s Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores (with ranks in Knowledge [history] and Knowledge [nobility] as well as the ability to speak and read Azlanti and Celestial, as per a headband of vast intelligence). Once per day, the wearer of the Primogen Crown can cast the following as spell-like abilities (CL 20th): banishment, control weather, and greater dispel magic.

The Primogen Crown must be bonded to its wearer in a coronation ceremony in the Imperial Palace of Taldor to access its full power. Without this ceremony, the crown does not grant its wearer any spell-like abilities, spell resistance, bonus to AC, immunity to mind-affecting abilities, or bonus to mental attributes—only the +5 resistance bonus on saving throws. Once bonded to the crown, the wearer cannot knowingly speak or write a lie while wearing the Primogen Crown.


The Primogen Crown must be heated in Glory’s Flame, in the grand lighthouse of Mut to the east, and then cast into the icy headwaters of the Porthmos River to the west while still hot. The sudden cooling shatters it.