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Tumultuous Spell (Metamagic)

Source Planar Adventures pg. 33
You can pour the churning chaos of the Maelstrom into your magic, causing foes to scatter unpredictably, pushed apart in random directions as the unknowable whims of chaos itself, bringing with it strange and unexpected sounds and flashes of unnatural color.

Benefit: You can enhance any spell that targets a single creature to become a tumultuous spell. A creature hit by a tumultuous spell (if the spell requires an attack roll) or that fails its saving throw against a tumultuous spell immediately moves 1d4×5 feet in a random direction. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If this movement would force a creature into a solid object or another creature, the movement ends harmlessly just before impact.

A tumultuous spell uses a spell slot 1 level higher than the spell’s normal spell level. Spells with the lawful descriptor can’t be tumultuous spells.