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Summon Plant Ally

Source Heroes of the Wild pg. 23
You can call plant creatures to your aid in battle.

Prerequisites: Knowledge (nature) 1 rank, ability to cast summon nature’s ally spells.

Benefit: When casting a summon nature’s ally spell, you gain access to the list of plant creatures below.

Summon nature’s ally I: Leaf leshyB3, vegepygmy.
Summon nature’s ally II: Gourd leshyB3, leaf rayB4 (without seed ability).
Summon nature’s ally III: Fungus leshyB3, weedwhipB4.
Summon nature’s ally IV: Assassin vine, seaweed leshyB3 (without air cyst ability).
Summon nature’s ally V: MandragoraB2, shambling mound.
Summon nature’s ally VI: TendriculosB2, treant.
Summon nature’s ally VII: Giant flytrap.
Summon nature’s ally VIII: JinmenjuB4.
Summon nature’s ally IX: AlrauneB3.