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Source People of the Stars pg. 26
Price 2,000 gp (calculating grand), 1,500 gp (calculating standard), 200 gp (calculating tellurium), 1,000 gp (grand), 750 gp (standard), 100 gp (tellurium); Weight 12 lbs. (calculating grand), 5 lbs. (calculating standard), 2 lbs. (calculating tellurium), 12 lbs. (grand), 5 lbs. (standard), 2 lbs. (tellurium)


This complex mechanism simulates the angles and relative distances between one or more bodies in a solar system in relation to the system’s star with marks or spheres on moving gears or arms. Anyone consulting an orrery gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (geography) checks involving bodies it models and on Survival checks to navigate the void of space. An orrery can be used in combination with a sextant on a clear night to determine the time on any of the stellar bodies it models. Any orrery can be used as a focus component for the augury spell in place of that spell’s normal focus.

Orreries come in many shapes and sizes and with a variety of functions in mind.
  • A tellurion models a single planet and any moons it may have.
  • A standard orrery tracks the inner planets of a system (Aballon, Castrovel, Golarion, Verces, Eox, and Triaxus) and their moons.
  • A grand orrery tracks all the known planets of a system (including the outer planets: Liavara, Bretheda, Apostae, and Aucturn) and their moons.
  • A calculating orrery is an orrery that indicates with rotating numerals on each arm the current distance between each body and its star (or its planet, in the case of moons), increasing the circumstance bonus on relevant skill checks to +4.