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Disguised holy text

Source Disciple's Doctrine pg. 28
Price 1-100 gp; Weight 1-20 lbs.
Category Adventuring Gear


This book appears to be the holy text of a particular religion, but it is actually a subtly encoded version of the text of an entirely different faith. Such tomes allow the faithful to keep copies of their holy texts hidden in plain sight—especially when those tomes are outlawed or stigmatized. A creature reading a disguised holy text can notice the irregularities of the text with a successful DC 18 Linguistics check; if the result of this check is 25 or higher, the creature cracks the text’s cipher and understands its true meaning. A follower of a disguised holy text’s true faith gains a +5 bonus on her Linguistics check to decipher the tome. The typical disguised holy text is of average quality, costs 25 gp, and weighs 2 pounds; cheaper or more extravagant versions are available with varying costs and weights.