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Rabisu11feywarm deserts, hills, and mountains
Ragewight6undeadtemperate hills (necropolis of Nogortha)
Raiju5outsider (air, extraplanar, shapechanger)any land or sky (lightning storms)
Rajbut Ambari7undeadwarm forests
Rakshasa10outsider (native, shapechanger)any
Rakshasa, Amanusya6outsider (native, rakshasa, shapechanger)any
Rakshasa, Avatarana12outsider (native, rakshasa, shapechanger)any
Rakshasa, Dandasuka5outsider (native, rakshasa, shapechanger)any
Rakshasa, Marai8outsider (native, rakshasa, shapechanger)any
Rakshasa, Orsatka13outsider (native, rakshasa, shapechanger)any
Rakshasa, Rakshasa Maharaja20outsider (native, rakshasa, shapechanger)any
Rakshasa, Raktavarna2outsider (native, rakshasa, shapechanger)any
Rakshasa, Tataka15outsider (native, rakshasa, shapechanger)any
Rast5outsider (extraplanar, fire)any (Plane of Fire)
Rat King5magical beastany urban or underground
Rat, Dire Rat1/3animalany urban
Rat, Rat Swarm2animal (swarm)any
Ratfolk1/3humanoid (ratfolk)warm deserts or urban
Ratfolk, Ratfolk Bravo2humanoid (ratfolk)warm deserts or urban
Ratfolk, Ratfolk Caravan Guard3humanoid (ratfolk)warm deserts or urban
Ratfolk, Ratfolk Chemist7humanoid (ratfolk)warm deserts or urban
Ratfolk, Ratfolk Elder8humanoid (ratfolk)warm deserts or urban
Ratfolk, Ratfolk Expedition Leader7humanoid (ratfolk)warm deserts or urban
Ratfolk, Ratfolk Sage6humanoid (ratfolk)warm deserts or urban
Ratfolk, Ratfolk Tinkerer1humanoid (ratfolk)warm deserts or urban
Ratfolk, Ratfolk Troubleshooter5humanoid (ratfolk)warm deserts or urban
Ratfolk, Ratfolk Warden4humanoid (ratfolk)warm deserts or urban
Ratling2magical beastany urban
Ravener, Red Wyrm Ravener22undead (fire)warm mountains
Ray, Manta Ray1animal (aquatic)warm oceans
Ray, Stingray1/2animal (aquatic)warm oceans
Reaper, Grim Reaper20undead (evil, extraplanar, incorporeal)any
Reaper, Minor Reaper10undead (evil, extraplanar)any
Recycled Gearsman3construct (robot)any
Red Reaver13magical beasttemperate deserts and hills
Redcap6feytemperate forests, mountains, or underground
Redkind2feyany urban
Reefclaw1aberration (aquatic)any water (coastal)
Remacera6feyany forests and hills (First World)
Remorhaz7magical beastcold deserts and glaciers
Retriever11construct (extraplanar)any (Abyss)
Revenant6undeadany land
Rhinoceros4animalwarm plains
Rhinoceros, Woolly Rhinoceros6animalcold plains
Riftcreeper15ooze (extraplanar) any mountain
Ringhorn1animaltemperate hills and plains
Robot, Annihilator Robot16construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Arachnid Robot1/2construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Collector Robot3construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Director Robot10construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Evaluator Robot12construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Gearsman Robot4construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Gladiator Robot17construct (robot)any
Robot, Juggernaut Robot15construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Mannequin Robot2construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Myrmidon Robot11construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Observer Robot2construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Observer Robot Swarm10construct (robot, swarm)any (Numeria)
Robot, Octopod Mechanic Drone13construct (robot)any
Robot, Reclamation Robot12construct (robot)any
Robot, Repair Robot2constructany
Robot, Scrapyard Robot3construct (robot)any ruin (Numeria)
Robot, Surgeon Robot14construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Thought Harvester Robot10construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Torturer Robot8construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Robot, Warden Robot9construct (robot)any (Numeria)
Roc9animalwarm mountains
Rock Tuatara1/3animalany underground
Rokurokubi14monstrous humanoidany ruins
Roofgarden7planttemperate forest or urban
Roper12aberrationany underground
Rorkoun6aberration (aquatic)temperate marshes and underground
Roseblood Sprite3feyany forest
Roseling7plant (extraplanar, shapechanger)any (Nirvana)
Rot Grub, Giant Rot Grub3verminany
Rot Grub, Rot Grub Swarm7vermin (swarm)any
Rukh10magical beastwarm deserts or mountains
Rukh, Juvenile Rukh3magical beastwarm mountains or deserts
Rune Guardian1constructany (Thassilonian runes)
Runeslave, Runeslave Hill Giant8humanoid (giant) any
Rusalka12fey (aquatic)any water
Rust Monster3aberrationany underground