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Ring of Inurement

Source Ire of the Storm pg. 51
Aura faint abjuration CL 1st
Slot ring; Price 1,000 gp; Weight


This humble ring is crafted from smooth red and blue porcelain and wrapped with threads of copper. Each morning, the ring’s wearer must select either hot or cold, and for the next 24 hours the ring of inurement affords basic protection from the selected condition as if she were using endure elements and superficially alters the wearer’s clothing to better accommodate her, growing fur linings and extra layers in frigid environs or lightening fabric in response to high temperatures. The ring protects only the wearer who determined its properties for the day, and its protection immediately ends for the day if it is removed.


Requirements Forge Ring, endure elements, prestidigitation; Cost 500 gp