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Imperial Diadem

Source Pathfinder #114: Black Stars Beckon pg. 10
Aura strong divination CL 18th
Slot head; Price —; Weight 3 lbs.


Fashioned from rose gold and set with multicolored gemstones that glitter with internal illumination, the Imperial Diadem contains the memories and personalities of Yhtill’s population. Any creature that wears the item for at least 24 hours has a portion of its soul infused within the artifact. This fusion grants a constant death ward effect to the wearer. As a standard action, Cassilda can teleport the Imperial Diadem to her hand from any distance, including across planar boundaries.

Three times per day, the Imperial Diadem grants the wearer the ability to use mind-affecting effects on creatures with a minimum Intelligence of 3 that are normally immune to mind-affecting effects. The Imperial Diadem also allows the wearer to cast prying eyes, greater scrying, and vision each once per day.


The Imperial Diadem is destroyed if both Hastur and Cassilda die within 24 hours of each other. This releases all of those souls stored within the item to the Boneyard or permits them to be resurrected in a restored Yhtill.